"Skye" becomes a Grand Champion!

"Julie" becomes a Silver Grand Champion!

"Cali" becomes an AKC Champion!

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Champions don't just happen.  It takes a well-bred, healthy, pedigreed dog to rise to the challenge.

Meadow Run Cheap Trick (right)  Ch. Meadow Run Big Reason

Anne Pellette

Breeding & Raising Irish Setters

Anne and her best friend  - BISS Silver Grand Ch. Devlin's Jewel of Meadow Run -"Julie"


Coming from the finest of bloodlines, I breed and train my dogs to be the champions that they are.  With careful attention paid to the heritage of my dogs, I ensure the finest qualities are bred in them. Then, training starts as soon as our puppies are able to stand on the table and walk on a leash. 

My love affair with Irish Setters began in 1980, when I started showing this breed.  Throughout the years, I have found that Irish Setters are very versatile dogs with rollicking personalities, being able to do most anything you ask of them.  I enjoy being involved in field work and obedience with my “kids”, as well as conformation.  This is one sporting breed that has the 3 B's....Brains, Birds and Bid-ability! Shortly after I began breeding, I became aware of the genetic health problems that can affect this breed.   Many breeds suffer from genetic health issues, not solely Irish Setters.

That being said, I sincerely believe it is the responsibility of the breeder to try to eliminate or avoid those problems whenever possible.   Therefore, it has been my quest to be extremely diligent regarding health issues along with producing great temperaments.  Meadow Run Irish Setters are tested for all genetic diseases and I breed only the of healthiest dogs along with solid temperaments.  I strongly feel that temperaments are as important as health issues when considering a pet or a "performance dog" (field, obedience, agility or the breed ring).  I definitely strive to produce that healthy dog in order that we may enjoy many years with a wonderful companion.